Moonlight Cinema Perth

20160129 Moonlight Cinema

Moonlight cinema in Kings Park Perth last night….went to see Star Wars – The Force Awakens. It was a perfect night for being out and about….had been a hot 37’C day and was still 30’C at midnight….no warming blanket required! We have seen the film before and I have to admit I slept through parts of it…I think one viewing is probably sufficient! But it’s so relaxing to set up a blanket on the grass, surrounded by the big gum trees and have a picnic as the sun goes down. This was sketched in about 15 minutes as it was going dark quickly.

Bounce – People at play

20160128 BounceTook several kids to “Bounce” an indoor trampoline centre this afternoon. Rather than glue myself to my mobile phone for an hour like nearly all the other parents I seized a sketching opportunity. These are my “sausage” people…trying to catch people in mid bounce is of course rather challenging but surprising fun. I watch for a few minutes before trying to take a mental snap-shot of one person in mid flight then scribble furiously before I forget the visual image. Fortunately most people do seem to repeat the same type of bounce if you watch long enough….each person moves in their own way according to their build, flexibility and spacial awareness.

Pilot Prera fountain pen medium nib, De Atramentis Document Red ink.

Australia Day 2016


20160126 Australia DayYesterday was Australia Day (26th January) a public holiday to celebrate the arrival of the first British fleet in 1788 landing in New South Wales (to some of the aboriginal people it is re-named “Invasion Day”…depends on how you look at it…ideally it should be a day of unity for the whole country).

20160126 Australia Day 0120160126 Australia Day 1This is a very quick sketch drawn (in very poor light) from about half way up the BHP Billiton tower (proper name Brookfield Place) on St Georges Terrace in the heart of Perth. Fabulous views out across the Swan river. The view above is looking South West along the Swan towards Freo (can just see the giant cranes on the horizon). The South Perth foreshore in left foreground and the Narrows bridge crossing towards Kings Park. An estimated 300,000 people flocked to Langley Park foreshore to watch the fireworks which started at 8pm and lasted a whole half hour. More people watched from up in Kings Park and boats moored in the river.

Langley Park photos below….

20160126 Australia Day 220160126 Australia Day 3Below are pictures of the new “Elizabeth Quay” which is very nearly open (should have been open today)…it was a patch of grass land that was mostly unused (I remember seeing Cirque du Solei in a tent here). The land has been excavated to create a new marina and there are plans for cafes and shops to bring people in (the Bell Tower is the tall greenish structure on the left side next to the Barrack street jetty with waiting ferries). It does look very pretty when all lit up at night.

20160126 Australia Day 420160126 Australia Day 5

A sky shower of golden dust….the finale….20160126 Australia Day 6

Lamy Safari EF nib with De Atramentis Document Black ink, Pentel waterbrush filled with water and 3 drops of sumi ink (lovely grey colour), Pentel waterbrush filled with Liquitex black acrylic ink, watercolours lemon yellow, quin gold and cerulean.

Canon G16 camera

Perth Fringe Festival – James St Mall

20160124 Perth Museum Fringe Festival James St Mall

First ever meeting of the Perth Urban Sketchers today…yay…!!!

There were six of us today meeting in the city to sketch, chat and swap tips, lovely to meet like-minded sketchers. We gathered in front of the Perth Museum….there are some benches and shady trees (which was essential as it was rather a warm 35’C day).

20160124 Perth Museum Fringe Festival James St Mall photoThe Perth International Arts Festival is in full swing and the Fringe World Festival has lots of tents and acts gathered along the James Street Mall…there is colour just exploding around you! This scene with the shocking pink fence was unmissable….I took about an hour to sketch this…spent the other hour chatting! Everyone enjoyed, we all sketched different things…. it was so wonderful to see what people chose to draw, each in their own style…. we plan to have more “sketch-outs” in the near future.

Link below to group photo….

Sub Station Hay Street Subiaco

20160117 Subi Sub Station

An little electricity Sub Station hidden away on Hay Street Subiaco. It looks rather derelict with long grass in the front yard and the old power points on the front of the building are long redundant (power lines are all underground in this area). There are still warning signs stuck to the door….It now a heritage listed building built in 1923 when Subiaco’s own power station (on Axon St) was closed because it couldn’t keep up with demand as the city grew rapidly. So this one roomed sub-station was created to convert the high voltage power now bought from the East Perth Power Station (link here to earlier sketch to lower voltage for the residents. This building is still in use today!

20160117 Subi Sub Station photoThis was drawn with a new pen….a Pilot Parallel fountain pen that I’ve been trialing for the last couple of weeks, these pens are made in a range of nib widths, I chose the 2.4mm size (from T. Sharp and Co in Perth city center – corner of Barrack and Hay streets). I used up the ink in the cartridge pretty quickly but have refilled it several times with my favourite De Atramentis document black ink and it works perfectly.

Kunanalling Ghost Town

Kunanalling 01Revisiting some photos from last years holiday…Perth to Esperance to Kalgoorlie and back again.

Stopped by a little Ghost town Kunanalling….about 50kms from Kalgoorlie mostly on dirt roads. It’s amazing to think that once there were 7 shops, 3 pubs and nearly 500 men labouring in the hot sun digging out gold in the middle of nowhere. (You have to drive through the Australian outback to fully appreciate the scale of the place). The plaques on the wall reveal a hint of the lives, hopes and in the end lost dreams of this place…everything….all the bricks, mortar, plaster and paint had to be carted out here and assembled by builders/craftsmen. There was a Telegraph station, Post office, Police station, Court house, School, Baker, Butcher, Grocer, Blacksmith, Mechanic……Ice cream every Sunday when ice was brought by horse and cart from Kalgoorlie….fridges and freezers hadn’t been invented. A hard life.

Kunanalling 02

Only this building remains…one of the old pubs that must have been quite grand in its day , its walls heard many stories. The ruins slowly being reclaimed by the scrubby bush plants and red dust, bullet holes puncture the tourist info plaque.

Kunanalling 03 Kunanalling 04

Kunanalling 05

Updated….I spelt Kalgoolie wrong!!!!

The Glass Man – Amelie

201512000An homage to the “Glass Man” in one of my favourite films..”Amelie”. Played by Serge Merlin who creates the character of Raymond Dufayel an artist with brittle bone disease who repaints Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party every year….Although he has copied the same painting 20 times, he has never quite captured the look of the girl drinking a glass of water….until Amelie falls in love.

De Atramentis Black Document ink in Lamy Safari EF fountain pen, Liquitex black acrylic ink in Pentel waterbrush, Inktense pencils wetted with Pentel waterbrush on Quill 125gsm cover paper.

Panorama City Beach

20160109 Panorama City Beach

Panorama of City Beach this morning….made a new little sketchbook from some off-cuts of paper (Bockingford medium 150gsm) this size is 38mm x 24mm. This is actually my first time painting a “wide-screen” panorama. It’s a little different in that I started at one end of the beach and slowly drew around to the other side. I maybe shouldn’t have put in a horizon line but it’s permanent ink so it’s staying! It was busy again at the beach….had a hot and unusually humid few days so lots of folks cooling off and practising their body-boarding.

Usually sketching tools plus some gel pen.