Garip Ay – Starry Night – Ebru

I was amazed by the skill and technique of this artist (Garip Ay) that I just had to share…. it’s beautiful….This technique is apparently called “ebru” and is a form of paper marbling using pigments that float on top of water or another sized liquid, which is then transferred onto paper to produce a monotype print. Apparently this technique has been around for over a thousand years (first recorded practice in China) but more commonly seen in the recent West as marbled book covers…..enjoy a master craftsman at work….

Cottesloe sand dunes

20160625 Cott looking towards Scarborough sketch20160625 Cott looking towards Scarborough photo

A walk along Cottesloe beach this arvo…..the sun was shining with a cobalt blue sky….a cool southerly breeze had blown all the rain clouds away. Barefeet paddling in the water, a few brave souls dashed in for a brief swim, not many surfers – sea too choppy for surfing. A quick sketch sitting on the sand dunes, I forgot to take my little watercolour kit so pen only sketch.

Clairefontaine A6 notebook, Lamy Safari fountain pen, De Atramentis archive black ink.

Bookcaffe Swanbourne

20160621 Bookcaffe Swanbourne1 20160621 Bookcaffe Swanbourne3

The Bookcaffe in Swanbourne this morning, just before it closes for good this weekend. There were a few groups of people gathering to chat and read but the bookshelves were half empty. Above a couple of scribbly sketches of people deep in conversation or the newspaper.

A History of the World in 100 Objects – Perth Museum

20160607 Perth Museum 100 Objects

A visit to Perth Museum while the rain fell with the Perth Sketchers, the museum is closing soon for a 4 year refurbishment, expected to re-open in 2020. Last and only exhibit on at the moment is the “A history of the world in 100 objects” – items lent by the British Museum. The oldest is a hand axe dated at over a million years old created by one of the first humans, found at a site in Tanzania, quite astonishing the age of this rock shaped by human hands. The most recent object is a credit card (expired)! Exquisite statues from around the world.

The above image is a composite from 4 separate pages of sketches.

North Cottesloe winters day

20160606 North Cott Winter 220160606 North Cott Winter 1

A warmish but wet afternoon down at North Cottesloe. Walking in the rain…raincoat, shorts and bare feet, seaweed strewn about the beach from a recent storm, limestone reefs exposed by the receding sand. Not many people about, a couple of fishos on the the groyne, and some grommets body-boarding in the small waves, no surf today.

Painted sitting on damp sand after the rain….quick A6 sketch of the Indian Ocean….no pencil, no pen…..just watercolour from my Altoids tin watercolour box and a fine point Pentel waterbrush.

Link to sketch kit and summer day at Cottesloe….

20160606 North Cott Photo1 20160606 North Cott Photo2