5 Day Sketch Challenge

I’ve had a request to meet the 5 day sketch challenge from fellow local sketcher Evelyn Bach….the idea is to post a sketch a day for 5 days (sketches don’t have to be recent…..just have to post every day on facebook). Given that I’m pretty busy right now I’m not sure I can do every day but I’ll start here with day one and see how I go….. These sketches (apart from the upper left) are drawn this evening from the TV…. watching a doco (Aussie slang for documentary) called “Rain in a dry land” about a Somali family of refugees who are relocated to the US and the struggles they face in adapting to the language and cultural changes of a new and different country. I just pressed the “freeze” button on the control for 5-10 minutes to quite quick sketches with water-soluble ink in a Lamy fountain pen then washed over some water colour paint….Perelene Maroon, Burnt Sienna, Cobalt Blue and Ultramarine Blue (plus a little Hansa Yellow medium in one picture).

20160319 TV Sketches

E Sheds – Fremantle

20160103 E Shed cafe 20160103 E Sheds crane

Wandered around Freo on Sunday arvo….hot an humid day….quite busy. Stopped at the E Sheds on Fremantle Wharf for a cool drink and to watch the people go by. A couple of quick sketches of people at a cafe and a second sketch of an old crane at the North end. I prefer the crane sketch….I like the way the watersoluble ink bleeds into the watercolour and creates a lovely shade of purple. This crane is a bit of a local landmark that might not be around for too much longer. It was built pre-war and was used for hauling sacks, barrels and boxes out of steamships holds….back in the days where “wharfies” were essential to hand-ball everything in/out and on/off the vessels…. containers and their gigantic mega-cranes hadn’t been invented. The crane is heavily rusted with a security fence surrounding it (guess there’s a danger of bits dropping off) I think it is heritage listed but is in desperate need of some TLC…. otherwise it’s likely to be removed for scrap. (Another reason this sketch is memorable for me is that I was standing in the lee of the C sheds for some shade…but there was a rubbish bin nearby…heavily used by the fishermen/women to dispose of fishy entrails…..several days of +35’C…..well I’m sure you can imagine the smell….the things we put up for in the name of art!)

Cafe sketch: De Atramentis Black document ink in Lamy Safari EF nib, Waterbrushes with Liquitex acrylic black ink (permanent), Lamy black fountain pen ink (watersoluble ink), plain water. Various watercolours, Uniball white gel pen. 

Crane sketch: De Atramentis deepwater obsession brown-black ink (watersoluble ink), Cobalt blue watercolour, Lamy black ink in waterbrush (watersoluble ink)

Perth Museum

20150923 Skulls Perth Museum


Decided to go sketching in Perth Museum this morning….these are a couple of the skulls on display…. Neanderthal and Homosapien. Both drawn with watersoluble inks, the top drawing was washed with water from a waterbrush but I just drew with ink for the lower one. 

20150923 Admin Bldg Opp Perth Museum


This is the Administration building opposite the Museum, old stone blocks, curving arches, terracotta tile roof…classical European styling.


20150923 Passers by next to AGWAFinally some gestural sketches of people passing by next to AGWA , everyone seemingly in a hurry to get somewhere apart from a few parents who stopped to inspect the little pond with their children.

Run Down House

20150908 Old House 1 20150908 Rundown house

Two versions of the same drawing… a rather rundown house with rusty roof and rotting gutters, probably once upon a time quite a grand house. The first picture is just drawn with ink (Mont Blanc Toffee Brown, Lamy Safari Fine nib). The second picture is after I washed some of the ink with water in a waterbrush (no watercolours). The washed ink is much warmer and softer that the original ink sketch.