Guildford, Western Australia

A sunny autumn day in the old part of Guildford – originally the first Swan River settlement before Perth became favoured as the capital city of Western Australia. There are many original Australian colonial era buildings that are still standing but often with different wares for sale in the 21st century. The “Apothecary Hall” is currently a dress shop with beautiful crimson and plum full length frocks in the window. “James of Guildford” is a second hand/antique and curios place (couldn’t find any history on this shop). The power poles and power lines make the town feel like stepping back in time (many metro areas now have underground power – less cluttered looking).


I’m back….sorry it’s been a while, since I last posted… working life took over for a while….here are my #oneweek100people sketches so far….obviously I’m behind schedule but it doesn’t matter to me too much…it’s about drawing when I have time…. will complete in the next couple of weeks…the good thing about these challenges is that it’s not “life or death:…I only sketch when I have time among all the other commitments that I have….I’m absolutely fine about that…gotta have priorities and 100 sketches in a week takes second place…Anyway here’s what I have so far….TWSBI Eco with Fude nib helps make sketching faster….one pen can do everything….thin¬† exploratory lines and fat juicy certain shadows….more sketches to follow when I have time….


Cycling to Fremantle and back along South side of Swan River….

I cycled about 43 Km last Sunday. Set off from home to the Indian Ocean at Cottesloe, continued along the sea front into Fremantle, stopped to sketch one of the historic cranes next to the Maritime Museum. Then continued along the paths around the South side of the Swan River stopping again to sketch the city view from Attadale Reserve before continuing on over the Canning River bridge and following the cycle paths back home.