Fowlers Bay South Australia

Fowlers Bay Jetty, a lovely seaside town once an important supply point for the long walk across the Nullabor (Edward John Eyre set up camp here). A massive sand-dune sits on the Western edge of the town, great campsite and fee hire os sand boards (tip- don’t apply sunscreen before sand-boarding!). the jetty is s great spot to fish (usually – we were unsuccessful).

Flinders Range

Another catch-up post…Flinders Range earlier this year….the long drop dunny! And relaxing at the campsite….kerosene lamp in the evening..

Koonalda Homestead – Nullabor

Koonalda Homestead…abandoned station and former petrol station along the old Eyre Highway….about 20 minute drive up a rocky track off the “new” A1 Eyre Highway connecting Western Australia to South Australia. Camped here just after Christmas, the wrecked cars are all pre-1970 vintage…crashes or mechanical failures on the bone shaker old road. I sketched an old Ford Zephyr, classic shape that’s slowly rusting into the dirt. Also the old petrol pump, naked with all it’s cogs, dials and flywheel on display, amazingly the orange lamp cover was intact! Koonalda is definitely worth a visit, the old homestead is unlocked…walking around is taking a step back in time. And the cars….so many all piled up…could have spent a week there sketching…another time…

Lincoln National Park & Catninga Farm-stay

Lincoln National Park last night Fisherman’s Bay…quiet relatively sheltered bay, watched lightning and heard the thunder to the North but apart from a few spots of rain it didn’t bother us. Kids went rock- hopping & had skimming stone competition. Spagbol with samphire from the beach for dinner.

Staying at Catninga Farm-stay in the foothills of the Flinders ranges tonight….glorious sunset, lots of flies (but they go to bed at sundown) stars amazing.