Sketcher, scribbler and sometime painter in Perth, Western Australia, always armed with a notebook and pens….anything….anytime….anywhere….

I always drew as a kid but wasn’t allowed to take art as a subject at school so my drawing was forgotten for many years. Only after taking a “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” evening class on a whim was my passion re-awakened. I haven’t stopped since and have now tackled soft pastel, oils, acrylic and watercolour and anything that will make a mark on paper.

Urban sketching is where my heart and hand is leading me now ….the whole world ready to be drawn….

**** Urban Sketchers Perth****

If you live in Perth metro area or ever visit Perth then please feel free to join in with the “Urban Sketchers Perth“….we’re part of the world wide Urban Sketching movement….look us up on Facebook

****Urban Sketchers Perth****

“Every sketch and scrawl is part of the same story – there are no mistakes – only lessons learnt”  (quote from Ed’s page at Mostly Drawing)


All images on this blog are copyright of the author, if you wish to copy or use an image in anyway please contact me first for permission.



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