TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen

A new pen….early Christmas present…. TWSBI Eco fountain pen with Extra Fine nib….with a black cap as they always get inky over time (see the Lamy cap below).

The previous UWA sketch is made with my new TWSBI Eco. I prefer to sketch with my pens un-posted (with out the cap on the end) but I’ve put pictures below of the pens I use most often above so you can see how they compare for size and line weight…(all pens below are filled with my favourite De Atramentis document black ink except the ball point).


This pen is really lovely to write with…very smooth when used the “normal” way and very fine and smooth when used upside down. It also feels very comfortable in my hand….some people really dislike the triangular grip of the Lamy pens – that has never bothered me -but the Eco somehow just feels “right”.

The Eco is a piston only fountain pen – it does not take ink cartridges – simply dip the nib into a bottle of ink and twist the end of the pen to operate the plunger and suck in the ink from a bottle.

I personally prefer bottled ink….in the long run it’s cheaper than buying cartridges, they don’t create landfill (most ink bottles are glass and can be recycled) and there’s a massive choice of ink colours to choose from or you can mix your own ink colours if using the same brand of ink (check with the manufacturer).

Lamy bottle ink = AUD 0.57 per ml

Lamy cartridge ink = AUD 1.16 per ml.

BUT….what really makes the Eco different is that it can hold a “bucket load” of ink in its belly….the Eco holds 1.7 ml of ink compared to 0.6 ml for the Lamy and Pilot = Fewer pit-stops for re-fueling!!!!

I think the TWSBI Eco may replace my much loved Lamy Safari….have to do lots more sketch to find out……..

Coffee Drinker

20160204 Floreat Coffee Ink

A quick fountain pen sketch of a rather elegant elderly Asian lady sitting drinking coffee with her partner this morning. She had very delicate features, flawless skin and wore a lovely bright scarf and hat. I didn’t feel comfortable getting out my watercolour kit in the cafe so opted for a pure pen sketch.

Lamy Safari EF fountain pen, De Atramentis Document Black ink, Bockingford 150gsm medium paper

The Glass Man – Amelie

201512000An homage to the “Glass Man” in one of my favourite films..”Amelie”. Played by Serge Merlin who creates the character of Raymond Dufayel an artist with brittle bone disease who repaints Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party every year….Although he has copied the same painting 20 times, he has never quite captured the look of the girl drinking a glass of water….until Amelie falls in love.

De Atramentis Black Document ink in Lamy Safari EF fountain pen, Liquitex black acrylic ink in Pentel waterbrush, Inktense pencils wetted with Pentel waterbrush on Quill 125gsm cover paper.

#Inktober2015 ….days 2,3 and 4!

This is a catch up post… a dump of the drawings for the last few days…. I find time to draw but not to upload on the the computer…20151002 Money Plant


This is a pot plant on my veranda, I think it’s called a “Money Tree”….it’s some kid of succulent (was given to me by a neighbour who moved house)20151003 BrewHa.




This is my coffee and someone reading the papers in my local coffee shop yesterday….I’m quite pleased with these pictures, not because they are especially “artistic” but because I actually added watercolour in the cafe…I usually draw on site then paint later at home.


These last two pictures are drawn from the newspaper, I really liked the expression and colours of the face. The other picture is all about the hands, it’s drawn with a reed pen that I cut from a stick of garden bamboo….using “sumi” ink (similar to India Ink) that produces lovely dense black lines. I found the reed pen produces more variety of expressive lines…but it is more messy and permanent if if lands on anything other than the paper! 20151003 Newspaper Face 20151004 Hands

#Inktober Day 1

20151001 Inktober TV Faces

Having a go at the #Inktober 2015 challenge…a drawing a day created in ink for the month of October…see if I can do it… these are faces drawn from the TV. Left side Lamy Joy fountain pen with De Atramentis Archive black ink, right side is Lamy black ink in a pentel waterbrush broad size.