Aviation Heritage Museum, Perth

A quick sketching catch up at the Aviation Heritage Museum in Bullsbrook this week. Two hangars packed with all sorts of flying machines from gliders made of bamboo, string and glue to a real Lancaster Bomber. There was so much to choose from in the museum it was hard to get pick on one thing to get started, I really like the graceful shape of this C47 DC3 Douglas as it towered overhead with the light shining in from one end of the hangar. This sketch was quite tricky….drew in pencil first the general shapes then ink and watercolour washes, about 1 hour.

Morley Rollerdrome – Long live Glitter Balls!

20160514 Morley Rollerdome Sketch20160514 Morley Rollerdome Photo

This morning at Morley Rollerdrome, a very friendly family run business specialising in rollerskating and rollerblading (or in-line skating if you prefer). One of my kids is having skating lessons here at the moment so rather than just sit and watch for 3 hours I took the opportunity to do a few sketches. The true atmosphere of the wannabe roller-derby girls, the bambi like newbies and the speed-skaters is hard to portray in a quick sketch but there was lots of roller action with the occasional horizontal landing. Sketching such a fleeting moment as someone whizzing past is nigh on impossible for me to capture so most of the figures are a mish-mash of different bodies just trying to capture the general balance (or not) of sliding along with 4 wheels strapped to their feet.

South Terrace, Fremantle

20160506 South Tce FreoA quick sketch of a beautiful old building across the road from Benny’s cafe on South Terrace in Fremantle yesterday. Couldn’t find any history on this place, it’s currently Dome cafe on the lower floor, don’t know who gets to enjoy the balcony views from above.

Photo below is of the Perth Sketchers plus sketching visitor Chris from Sydney.

Too brief a visit to Freo, there really is heaps to sketch here, places and people…….

20160506 South Tce Freo Photo