Brittania Coffee Palace


This is a section of the former “Brittania Coffee Palace” (built 1897) on the corner of Francis and William streets in Northbridge.

The Brittania was constructed to cater for the temperance movement – “coffee palaces” were alternative to licensed premises providing accomodation and facilities for tea-totalling travellers and families. Located close to the city it was one of many hotels that sprang up to cater for the gold rush hopefulls that made their way to Perth. Up to 150 boarders could be accommodated… many young men who signed up for the first world war listed the Brittania as their home address.

It is currently cafe and retail on the ground floor and a backpackers on the upper floors….probably not tea-total!


Australia Day 2017 Sandcastle and Beach

Australia Day 2017….morning at Floreat beach…very busy with people enjoying the cooling water before a 42’C day! The beach is the place to be!

Built a little sandcastle and decorated it to suit the occasion…



Orewar Mauritius !

Orewar….Mauritian Creole for “good bye” from the French “au revoir”…. a music clip of the Sega music sounds we heard down at the beach……and in the shops…. and in the cafes…..and in the taxis…. infectious rhythms….a joy of life….(I have no idea what he’s singing about)….but everyone is having fun….enjoy….!

Preskil Beach, Mauritius


Last morning at the beach….finally figured out what the red and green flags on the sun shades are for (I thought they were just elaborate nautical decorations)…..

Apparently raising the green flag signals the bar staff that you would like service and raising the red flag means that you don’t want to be disturbed by anyone!

I only found this out on the last day when one of our kids was playing with the flags…..he raised the green flag then went off to swim in the pool…..the bar man was a little disappointed when I explained the accidental hoisting of the flag! But we did raise the green flag later on to have chips by the sea!

More coconuts! Mauritius

Another coconut palm sketch….I find coconut trees fascinating for some reason … maybe hoping to see the magical moment when one coconut lets go of the mother tree and gravity takes over sending it down with a thud. (I am careful not to sit under another coconut when sketching!)


Lots of water to time today….had a crack at stand-up paddle boarding (successful) windsurfing (less successful) and sailing a ‘laser’ dingy (mostly successful – only capsized once).