North Western coast of Mauritius

img_20170106_1741103 A drive up the East coast of Mauritius today, visited beach “Trou aux Biches” which was “picture perfect” if you only want to swim – shallow water, sandy beach (but very busy with tourists).

Then down the coast a little to “Balaclava” beach which was mostly enjoyed by only locals with nice snorkel depth coral off the beach (plus a selection of gods/goddess statues and other religious items in the shallow water – some what unexpected!). Local families gathered with tents and tarpaulins rigged by rope across the trees, pots and pans, gas stoves, plastic jerry cans of water, fresh fruit.  Music pumping from large stereos, mostly a Mauritian music called “Sega” – a mixture of reggae and African rhythms originally developed in the slaving era ….Depending on the song people joined in singing with some playing “ravanne” (type of drum shaped like a large tambourine) they had brought along…. wonderful…..all part of the atmosphere of Mauritius….we were only there in the day time…..I imagine it’s really party time later in the evening.img_20170106_1740252img_20170106_1106312

Stopped at a “rummery” on the way back….Lots of different types of sugar to taste from molasses to refined and even raw sugar cane (quite pleasantly sweet and chewy).


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