Kings Park – Zamia Cafe

20150727 Kings Park Zamia Cafe (2) small

Met up with the lovely outdoor folk again this arvo, this time in Kings Park next to the Zamia Cafe (Western Power Playground) for a quick bit of sketching. It was sunny and warmish for a mid winters day…. quite bright in the direct sun so I sat under a shady gum tree so I wasn’t dazzled by the white page. I sketched the Vietnam War Veterans pavilion which was a bit of a struggle, should really have layed down some pencil guide lines to help me with the perspective, but as usual I just dived right in with indelible ink and made corrections as I went along….hence some wonky beams and a slightly “Escher”-esque look to the front of the building. The tree trunk lying on the ground had some wonderful ridges and texture… I could have done a drawing of that on it’s own. The finished painting looked rather boring (not a great composition) so I added in a couple of figures at the end which gave the picture a bit more interest.

20150727 Kings Park Zamia Cafe (1) small

The second page is just a random collection of people standing around enjoying the park, I was experimenting with water-soluble ink and using a waterbrush to pull out the shadows. trying to get them down on paper before they moved.

UK Holiday Sketches – Wales

UK 2015 Tryfan small UK 2015 Conway Castle small


Day trip to North Wales, walked  scrambled 3/4 the way up Tryfan for a beautiful view down the mountains (complete with RAF jets screaming down the valley on their training runs). Then onto Conwy castle to explore the ruins after which much needed fish and chips on the quayside.

Sketch tools as per previous post

UK Holiday Sketches – Rochdale Canal Manchester

UK 2015 Rochdale Canal small

Visit to the UK over the last couple of weeks, a quick sketch of a section of the Rochdale Canal as it picks it’s way through central Manchester. The decaying old mill buildings (most of which had been neglected for many years and in very bad repair) are being done up as flashy new apartments or replaced with trendy new bars and cafes.

Sailor Fude Fountain pen, DeAtramentis Black Document ink, Watercolour with Pentel waterbrush, about 30 minutes total, drawn on location, colour later on home made sketchbook made of Westart 225gsm heavyweight cartridge paper.