Hike along the Blackwood River, Mauritius


Hired a car for a few days to explore the island of Mauritius, it’s about 60 kms long North to South and 40 kms wide East to West…..Short distances to travel (compared to Australia). The Blackwood River runs down from the central mountain with lake filled volcanic crater. The lake is a holy site for the Hindu population – there’s a massive 35m high statue on the edge of the lake, very impressive, lots of shrines with incense wafting through the air. Winding little roads down weave around fields of sugar cane down to the coast.


UK Holiday Sketches – Wales

UK 2015 Tryfan small UK 2015 Conway Castle small


Day trip to North Wales, walked  scrambled 3/4 the way up Tryfan for a beautiful view down the mountains (complete with RAF jets screaming down the valley on their training runs). Then onto Conwy castle to explore the ruins after which much needed fish and chips on the quayside.

Sketch tools as per previous post