Claremont College


A quick, 10 minute sketch of the grand old Claremont College in Claremont, Perth….it was the only senior school teacher training college between 1902-1981. When it opened there were separate wings for male and female students with a matron who occupied a room positioned over the main entrance to the building – separating the two wings. It is currently owned by UWA.


Swimming with Whale Sharks – Ningaloo Reef

Swimming with Whale Sharks just outside of the Ningaloo reef…. an amazing experience to be in the water so close to these graceful creatures of the ocean…. We motored out for a day on the boat “Prime” with Exmouth Diving Centre, all these photos were shot by the professional photographer on board the boat – Jess Hadden (just as well as we don’t have an underwater camera and we could concentrate on snorkelling). The water wasn’t too cold but a wet-suit helped keep warm for multiple snorkels and also gave buoyancy. There are a number of charter boats operating whale shark tours. A spotter plane in the sky directs the skippers to the shark when it is about to surface then the boats head over, taking it in turns to drop their passengers into the water to swim. We had 5 swims with the Whale Sharks, the largest we saw was around 8 metres long… we swam along side for 5-10 minutes until the shark dived down to the deep for 20-30 mins before it returned to the surface. Being sharks they don’t breath air (have gills) but they do skim the water just below the surface with their mouth wide open to scoop up krill. We could get really quite close….within a few metres…. but not too close as they are very large creatures with a powerful caudal (tail) fin.

We also sighted Humpback Whales in the distance coming up for air as they migrate North for breeding.

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Garip Ay – Starry Night – Ebru

I was amazed by the skill and technique of this artist (Garip Ay) that I just had to share…. it’s beautiful….This technique is apparently called “ebru” and is a form of paper marbling using pigments that float on top of water or another sized liquid, which is then transferred onto paper to produce a monotype print. Apparently this technique has been around for over a thousand years (first recorded practice in China) but more commonly seen in the recent West as marbled book covers…..enjoy a master craftsman at work….

Chimney Pots

2015 UK Chimney Pots

Chimney pots…looks like the owner either couldn’t decide on one particular style so bought one of each…. or they were a job lot on special offer….I love the eclectic look. I took this photo earlier this year somewhere in Manchester in the UK – unfortunately I don’t remember where…unlike my sketches where I always log the location.

Canon G16 camera

Tranby House / Peninsular Farm, Maylands

20151102 Tranby Front DoorTranby House also now known as Peninsular Farm in Maylands, Perth. This is I think the front door as is has a large (I drew it a bit too large) iron door knocker on the front, a brass round knob handle and an old fashioned key hole. The stone plaque attached to the wall reads “Tranby house was built early in 1830 by Joseph Hardy, An experienced yeoman farmer from Yorkshire who arrived in Western Australia by the ship Tranby. during January of that year and settled upon this spot. This home was the first to be established in the district and this memorial has been erected the the Perth Road Board to mark that event.”

The house sits on the banks of the Swan river and is a very peaceful and quiet spot with a great cafe. The house is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Perth Royal Show 2015

20150929 Perth Royal ShowOnly a quick couple of sketches at the Perth Royal Show…I hoped to draw alot more but as expected got caught up in seeing as much as possible …It’s a really big show.

We always go to check out the chickens…very noisy barn with roosters showing off and hens clucking. Such a variety of birds…different breeds of hen, turkey, fowl, duck, game, pigeon and others.

Other favourite in the show is the “wood-chop” – strong men competing to fell or chop a tree trunk with razor sharp axes….it really is impressive but hard to sketch as they swing the big axes so quickly.