Capt Chaos – Maylands Amateur Boatbuilding Yard

Oil painting this morning for a change….I haven’t painted in oils for about 5 years so this was something quite different from my usual pen and wash. Painted with  brushes and palette knife (I knocked over my tin of turps early on so palette knife was easier to clean) colours: white, lemon yellow, yellow ochre, cerulean, ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, permanent rose, burnt sienna and black. This motor boat is “Capt Chaos – Fremantle” on land at Maylands Amateur Boatbuilding Yard, Maylands, Perth. Capt Chaos is propped up with metal poles with her keel resting on some old wooden sleepers, a couple of tarps draped over the bow, a yellow power cable dangling over the port side. A lovely couple of hours with the Perth Plein Air Painters.


Portrait Paintings

2014 November Portrait 1 2014 November Portrait Ben

The above two portraits were painted last year in a live model portrait class taught by Drewfus Gates at the now defunct Claremont School of Art. We had each model for a total of 9 hours – 3 hours per week over 3 weeks.  I had completely forgotten about these pictures, and just rediscovered them….they look better to my eyes with the passage of time.

Oil painting – various brands

2014 November Nikolai Fechin Copy Acylic2014 November Nikolai Fechin Copy Acylic 1

These are copies painted in acrylic of Nikolia Fechin works – I adore his portrait and people studies, he had a real connection with each of his sitters. The proportions of my paintings are not quite correct compared with his originals but they look OK as people pictures.

Acrylic paint – Atelier interactive brand