City Beach Kiosk and a cloudy day at North Cottesloe

This is the little kiosk at the South end of City Beach….I don’t think that it’s open anymore as there are new cafes higher up the beach that have opened recently…..

Below an unsuccessful attempt to capture the pale winter sun shining through high clouds at North Cottesloe. The sky colours were delicate yellow, peach and pale blue. I really should have taken proper watercolour paper to attempt this….needed lots of watery paint….and the ability to lift colour out again….another lesson learnt!


Brew Ha again…..

Had no time for getting out and about sketching recently….way to busy….finally a bit of “me” time….in my usual cafe….

Old Shanghai Food Court, Northbridge

The Urban Sketchers Perth met this morning at the Old Shanghai Food Court in James Street, Northbridge for our monthly sketch-meet. We started with some blind contour drawings of each other to warm up (and have a laugh at the results!!!). I think it’s really important to warm up before starting sketching….it loosens the fingers and relaxes the mind before starting a “proper” sketch.

20161211-old-shanghai-food-court-heatherThis is my blind contour sketch of Heather…it has some elements of her character (except that she doesn’t have 2 noses!). To do a blind contour drawing there are only 2 rules…..don’t look down at your paper and don’t take the pen off the page….try to slowly follow the outlines and form changes with your pen/pencil and feel your way around the object you are viewing. Invariably it won’t be accurate but it is a lot of fun and always brings laughter from the sketcher and the subject.


This is my quick sketch of the interior of the food court…quite dark except for the lovely bright red paper lanterns and the neon signs of the food vendors. We arrived at 10am when the place was empty of customers…only the cooks preparing the delicious foods.

This is the honey chicken, rice and spring roll that I enjoyed….sketched first…about 20 minutes…yum.


These three images are of a guy checking his phone whilst waiting for his food to arrive. I drew on location with my trusty Lamy Safari fountain pen and De Atramentis black ink. The watercolours I added later at home from memory in stages, taking photos in between to see how the colours changed the feel of the sketch I can’t decide which version I prefer the original pen only sketch or the final with the red cup…..

20161211-old-shanghai-food-court-blue-check-shirt1 20161211-old-shanghai-food-court-blue-check-shirt2 20161211-old-shanghai-food-court-blue-check-shirt3

Last but certainly not least…..everyone’s sketches from this morning….what a variety of different scenes that everyone chose to draw….we were all sitting around the same table but focused on different things….


Bookcaffe Swanbourne

20160621 Bookcaffe Swanbourne1 20160621 Bookcaffe Swanbourne3

The Bookcaffe in Swanbourne this morning, just before it closes for good this weekend. There were a few groups of people gathering to chat and read but the bookshelves were half empty. Above a couple of scribbly sketches of people deep in conversation or the newspaper.

South Terrace, Fremantle

20160506 South Tce FreoA quick sketch of a beautiful old building across the road from Benny’s cafe on South Terrace in Fremantle yesterday. Couldn’t find any history on this place, it’s currently Dome cafe on the lower floor, don’t know who gets to enjoy the balcony views from above.

Photo below is of the Perth Sketchers plus sketching visitor Chris from Sydney.

Too brief a visit to Freo, there really is heaps to sketch here, places and people…….

20160506 South Tce Freo Photo

Yum Cha at the Dragon Palace….sketch-eat

20160419 Dragon Palace Yum ChaThe Perth Sketchers met at the Dragon Palace Chinese restaurant in Northbridge, Perth this brunch time for “yum cha”. A seemingly endless flow of trolleys with delicious Cantonese food, sticky rice, pork buns, dim sum, pastries, seafood, vegetables….. The trick to sketching any of the food was to put some on your plate an resist the urge to eat until it was sketched (rapidly). Trying to sketch food on the rotating lazy susan was just about impossible!20160419 Dragon Palace Yum Cha Sketches



Some of the sketches from today….


20160419 Norm at the Dragon Palace




A quick sketch of Norm while he was busy sketching the food…



20160419 Dragon Palace Yum Cha Junior Sketchers




Some younger apprentice sketchers joined in…mainly for the feasting !