Karrakatta Cemetery

20151026 KarrakattaVisited Karrakatta Cemetery yesterday and today. …..I was intending to paint something to enter for James Gurney’s graveyard challenge (plein air painting of anything graveyard related but with the restriction of using only 3 colours plus white).

This restriction on colour made painting (for me at least) really difficult and frustrating. I wasn’t happy with yesterday’s painting of this head stone (watercolour raw sienna, quin burnt scarlet and Indigo plus a little white gouache).

So I tried again today with marginally more success a horizontal grave (there may be an offical name for the types of graves, I don’t know).20151027 Karrakatta

Although the grounds were very peaceful with beautiful trees and flowers….I did find it an unsettling place even mid morning….my sense of unease wasn’t helped by a somewhat bewildered lady who was wandering around calling out for “John” (I presume her relative or husband).

The first burial at Karrakatta took place in 1899 when it took over from East Perth Cemetery which was filling up rapidly as the population expanded due to the gold rush. Adjoining Railway Road it covers quite a large area (almost 100 hectares) and there are many different styles of ornamentation (or lack of) according to the deceased’s religion and culture.

Fremantle E Shed Markets

Caught the train to Freo this morning to catch up with painting friends next to the “E” shed markets. After a false start (tried sketching on “proper” watercolour paper with pencil and made a really rubbish drawing) I swapped to my sketchbook and drew directly in ink the “A” shed below. I have no idea what’s inside the “A” shed – apart from a some warning signs (no parking, Fire Extinguisher etc) there was no indication of who or what is inside. Anyway it has a lovely curve to the building as the row of doors and windows veers towards the Maritime Museum.

20151019 Freo A Sheds20151019 Freo A sheds photo

20151019 Freo No 16Next up a quick sketch of one of the cast iron bollards fixed to the wharf-side, this one is number “16” (they’re all numbered consecutively along the wharf) it was rather rusty but looked immovable – just as well – the tall ship STS Leeuwin 2 was attached to it with a yellow and black stripey hawser.

20151019 Freo Ports Building 20151019 Freo Port Building photoFinally… a really rapid sketch of the “Fremantle Ports” authority building – a rather attractive 1960’s office block in white and blue complete with observation tower on the top, bristling with antenna and radar.

Lamy Safari fountain pen, extra fine nib with De Atramentis black Archive ink, various watercolours, Pentel waterbrush, home made sketch book and Arches 300gsm rough watercolour paper, white gel pen.

Kings Park Great War Memorial

20151015 Kings ParkPainting with the Perth Plein Air Painting group in Kings Park this morning, the day started cloudy and overcast but by mid morning the sun had broken through. This column is a memorial to the Jewish soldiers killed in the “Great War”, it’s a lovely piece of sandstone hiding underneath a giant Morton Bay Fig.

Arches 300gsm rough watercolour paper, Cobalt blue, Indigo, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Winsor Lemon paints, Toffee Brown ink.

#Inktober2015 ….days 2,3 and 4!

This is a catch up post… a dump of the drawings for the last few days…. I find time to draw but not to upload on the the computer…20151002 Money Plant


This is a pot plant on my veranda, I think it’s called a “Money Tree”….it’s some kid of succulent (was given to me by a neighbour who moved house)20151003 BrewHa.




This is my coffee and someone reading the papers in my local coffee shop yesterday….I’m quite pleased with these pictures, not because they are especially “artistic” but because I actually added watercolour in the cafe…I usually draw on site then paint later at home.


These last two pictures are drawn from the newspaper, I really liked the expression and colours of the face. The other picture is all about the hands, it’s drawn with a reed pen that I cut from a stick of garden bamboo….using “sumi” ink (similar to India Ink) that produces lovely dense black lines. I found the reed pen produces more variety of expressive lines…but it is more messy and permanent if if lands on anything other than the paper! 20151003 Newspaper Face 20151004 Hands

#Inktober Day 1

20151001 Inktober TV Faces

Having a go at the #Inktober 2015 challenge…a drawing a day created in ink for the month of October…see if I can do it… these are faces drawn from the TV. Left side Lamy Joy fountain pen with De Atramentis Archive black ink, right side is Lamy black ink in a pentel waterbrush broad size.