Kennedy Range (Mundatharrda)

View from the top of Temple Gorge Escarpment in the Kennedy Range (Mundatharrda in the local language group), looking out across the wide gently rolling plains of the Lyons River. Several scrambles up the gorges, rock pools with water according to the season. The colours of the rock vary from yellow ochre to deep iron oxide red, iron blue and white quartz. Ancient rock “bubbles” scattered around – stratified in different shades when the molten rock cooled about 300 million years ago. The cool gorges attract various wildlife, sit still beside a rock pool for a while and the local birds become brave enough to come close to drink.

Cottesloe Beach – Rough sea

A large swell brought out the serious surfers this afternoon down at Cottesloe Beach, only the brave ventured into the water to try catch a wave before it broke on the beach…This sketch painted really rapidly directly with watercolour (no drawing first – didn’t have time as the rain clouds were approaching) surfers added at the end with fountain pen

North Cottesloe fossilized reef

Every winter the Indian Ocean washes the sand away from the shoreline at North Cottesloe to expose the fossilised reef underneath and bright green seaweed latches onto the rock. When spring arrives the sand will be swept back up onto the beach and bury the reef again until the following winter…

City Beach Winter Sunset

The “golden hour” glow of winter sun at City Beach Perth yesterday, the sun officially set at 5.19pm. This sketch took around half an hour drawing and painting in my new (first page) “Seawhite of Brighton” sketchbook bought in Winchester in the UK during a pre-covid holiday. It seems very good paper, bright white with a “Not” finish gives enough texture to get the dry-brush effect that I wanted for the white water waves, the 200gsm thickness didn’t buckle or warp.

Waterbrush and 6 colours…Hansa yellow medium, Yellow ochre, Transparent pyrrol orange, Quinacridone lilac, Indanthrone blue, Phthalocyanine blue (green shade). I’m finding that I can mix almost any colour I need with just these 6 colours, this is my variation on Jane Blundell’s recommendations for limited palette. Check out Jane’s blog for ideas of a limited palette below…

Trigg Beach – Bennion Beach – Winter storm

A blustery, stormy day for the second week of winter this year, Bennion Beach (next to Trigg Beach) was being pounded by the big waves, sand scraped off the limestone rocks and swept along to the next bay. Indigo sky threatened rain (showers on and off today) but strangely not cold. This was a rapid sketch as there was no shelter at the beach…

One Subiaco – Old Subiaco Pavillion Markets site

Massive (21 story?) building going up on the old Subiaco Pavillion Markets site at the moment, looks to be about half built – “L 12” is written on the lift shaft. When it’s finished it’s going to be huge, towering over everything and everyone. I had fun sketching this from the bike path on Roberts Road, the bright red concrete pump, the yellow and red scaffolding and the big cranes stretching up into the sky.

Perth Zoo

A spontaneous day trip to Perth Zoo yesterday, a lovely warm and sunny late autumn day was a great time to visit the zoo to sketch the animals. I spent about 4 1/2 hours wandering around sketching at random (it costs $33 to get in so had to make the most of time).