Isolators Reef Cottesloe

An overcast afternoon sitting on the sand watching the surfers at Isolators Reef, warm and humid as cyclone travels down from the North


One week 100 people 2022

Quick demo of how to draw a crowd scene or people in the distance – no need for details.. just assemble the letter “n” “w” and “o” and you have a person! Vary the width and length for different body shapes but remember if the ground is flat then all the heads should be on the horizon/eye line unless you’re looking down or up at the people. Add movement by varying one of the “w” legs (walking/running forward/backward), accessorize….

Cessna 152

Quick sketch of a Cessna 152 light aircraft at Jandakot Airport. Seats two people, son went up for a 1 hour joy ride, controls for both passengers, he got to take off and fly the aircraft (qualified pilot did the landing and tricky bits). They flew across the city and ocean to Rottnest, lap around the island, did a barrel roll, loop-the-loop and stall turn, something different!

Fremantle Traffic Bridge

The wooden Fremantle Traffic bridge (opened 15th December 1939) is due to be demolished and replaced by a new structure in the next few years… Each of the main wooden pillars is hand carved with numbers (in roman numerals), the criss-cross of West Australian timber bolted together is quite unique, it would be a shame to lose such an iconic structure – should be kept as a bike/pedestrian bridge!

Sketched in ink before colour…