80 Guthrie Street, Osborne Park

One of the last houses in Osborne Park, Number 80 Guthrie Street. Most of the area is retail/industrial and the original homes have been demolished for new businesses. This place looked rather neglected with broken windows and piles of rubbish in the front yard…probably won’t be around for too much longer…

UWA Irwin Street Building

The “Irwin Street Building” is the oldest building on University of Western Australia [UWA] campus, originally  located on Irwin Street in the centre of Perth, it was moved to the current site in 1987. Presently used as the cricket pavilion and heritage office. I drew this in black pencil in a Clairefontaine notebook sitting on a bench under the trees, very pleasant.

Notes from https://www.web.uwa.edu.au/university/history/archive-collections/irwin-street…..

“A T-shaped jarrah building constructed in 1913 provided the University’s original accommodation on this site. It was not quite complete when teaching started on 31 March 1913. Professor AD Ross, Foundation Professor of Mathematics and Physics commented that: “…the first building we got was certainly original in more senses than one. It was a jarrah shed, 110 feet long by 20 feet wide … We estimated that the building would be ready for a start on the 16 March, then 21 March, then 23 March, and finally it must be 31 March. Members of staff, at the risk of their lives, would go in and pin up notes on doors: ‘Department of Geology’ or the like. Since one of the little rooms had already been commandeered for the janitor, the telephone, electric switchboard, brooms, mops and buckets, it was evident that eleven departments must share six rooms.”

Midland Railway Workshops

Just photos, didn’t have time to sketch but will definitely go back…the old Midland Railway Workshops operated from 1904 to 1994, building and servicing engines and carriages for Western Australia’s rail network. The buildings have been silent for the last 26 years but quite a lot of machine shop equipment is still in the empty sheds…Pictures taken peeking through the windows and doors, one was open so I ventured inside…

Fuel Pump

Wesco North Perth Service Station (corner of Angove and Woodville Streets, Perth) is a bit run down, has that original 1970’s look about it (maybe older). Seems to mostly provide mechanical servicing and has four fuel pumps, this one is clearly out of order…the “innards” of the machine are sliding down inside the body…an “ex-fuel pump”