Cottesloe Beach

20150823 OBHA stroll along Cottesloe Beach yesterday in the winter sun, this is the “OBH” (Ocean Beach Hotel) on the sea front at Cottesloe as seen from the groyne with the pylon in the foreground. The pylon was originally built in 1935 with the intention of installing a shark net to protect the beach, but the net was short lived although the concrete spike remains (has been restored a few times after battering winter storms).

20150823 Cottesloe Cafes



These are the two seafront cafes at North Cottesloe – “Barchetta” and  “The Blue Duck” which have fabulous views of the Indian Ocean although the food is rather expensive.



This was painted with my new “micro” painting kit – an Altoids tin with 14 half pans in one side and a small mixing area in the lid (spray painted white), one waterbrush and a lamy safari pen (not pictured) with De Atramentis Archive Ink black. The paper is a Holcroft brand A6 “sketch and draw diary” with 225gsm paper

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