2015 Loose Sketch Roundup

20160102 2015 Roundup 420160102 2015 Roundup 5

These are all my 2015 loose sketches (or most of them…I know there’s a few that got recycled early) collected together and spread over the living room floor….229 pages!

Size A4 Quill brand 125gsm cover paper (about $25 for 250 sheets) this paper is a little thicker than “standard” cartridge paper and can take watercolour without buckling too much (I don’t usually work really wet). I draw on both sides of the page so pictured above is only half my scribbles…. I should have turned over each sheet and taken a photo of the other side….but it all seemed a bit much!

When out and about I draw in various sketchbooks of which I’ve filled about 6 this year….it’s harder to quantify my sketchbooks as they’re all different sizes and shapes. Most of my sketchbook drawings remain unseen… only the “best” ones or the ones I feel most interesting  make it onto this blog….I have plenty of drawings that didn’t work….I keep them all and review them from time to time….reminds me how far I’ve come and what to try next.

The loose sketches are mostly done in the evening…. a stack of paper attached to a clipboard which I scribble on whilst watching TV. Looking back at these pictures I do notice the majority are faces, followed by hands, feet and then remaining body parts…..I guess figurative drawing is most enjoyable and challenging. Some drawings are copies of other peoples work (all the great artists always copied from the masters when they were learning). Other drawings are family, everyday objects around the house, faces on TV and pictures from magazines or newspapers.

There’s pencil, pen, ballpoint, watercolour and gouache experiments going on in these pictures, most of them are not drawings I would normally show people, they’re just doodles….many unfinished scribbles.

Now I’ve cleared last years pile into a box…. maybe I could use them as wall paper for the spare room one day!

Already started a new collection for 2016…..


6 thoughts on “2015 Loose Sketch Roundup

  1. What an amazing collection! If you’re ever looking for something to do with all your small paintings, perhaps you’d be interested in joining the Postcard Art Group. It’s a bunch of about 100 artists from around the world creating postcard-sized art and sending it to each other. It’s totally casual, just create and send as few or as many as you’d like. If that sounds interesting let me know and I’ll put you in touch with the guy who runs it.


    1. Thanks Lindsay for your kind comments….what a great idea – the Postcard Art Group – I have some blank watercolour postcards that were free with some other art supplies I bought a few years ago and never quite figured out a use for ….this could be fun. If you could let me know the contact details I would like to know more.
      I had a look at your “that aussie geek” site…. you have a great selection of paintings and sketches, lots of different subjects – interesting variety ….look forward to seeing more of your work 🙂


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