Kunanalling Ghost Town

Kunanalling 01Revisiting some photos from last years holiday…Perth to Esperance to Kalgoorlie and back again.

Stopped by a little Ghost town Kunanalling….about 50kms from Kalgoorlie mostly on dirt roads. It’s amazing to think that once there were 7 shops, 3 pubs and nearly 500 men labouring in the hot sun digging out gold in the middle of nowhere. (You have to drive through the Australian outback to fully appreciate the scale of the place). The plaques on the wall reveal a hint of the lives, hopes and in the end lost dreams of this place…everything….all the bricks, mortar, plaster and paint had to be carted out here and assembled by builders/craftsmen. There was a Telegraph station, Post office, Police station, Court house, School, Baker, Butcher, Grocer, Blacksmith, Mechanic……Ice cream every Sunday when ice was brought by horse and cart from Kalgoorlie….fridges and freezers hadn’t been invented. A hard life.

Kunanalling 02

Only this building remains…one of the old pubs that must have been quite grand in its day , its walls heard many stories. The ruins slowly being reclaimed by the scrubby bush plants and red dust, bullet holes puncture the tourist info plaque.

Kunanalling 03 Kunanalling 04

Kunanalling 05

Updated….I spelt Kalgoolie wrong!!!!


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