Perth Fringe Festival – James St Mall

20160124 Perth Museum Fringe Festival James St Mall

First ever meeting of the Perth Urban Sketchers today…yay…!!!

There were six of us today meeting in the city to sketch, chat and swap tips, lovely to meet like-minded sketchers. We gathered in front of the Perth Museum….there are some benches and shady trees (which was essential as it was rather a warm 35’C day).

20160124 Perth Museum Fringe Festival James St Mall photoThe Perth International Arts Festival is in full swing and the Fringe World Festival has lots of tents and acts gathered along the James Street Mall…there is colour just exploding around you! This scene with the shocking pink fence was unmissable….I took about an hour to sketch this…spent the other hour chatting! Everyone enjoyed, we all sketched different things…. it was so wonderful to see what people chose to draw, each in their own style…. we plan to have more “sketch-outs” in the near future.

Link below to group photo….


7 thoughts on “Perth Fringe Festival – James St Mall

    1. Hi Anita, if you’re interested in joining in (everyone welcome) it’s best to join the Urban Sketchers Australia facebook page….that’s where it’s all organised…at the moment it’s a bit random with various Perth sketchers posting from time to time but we’re hoping to set up a Perth Urban Sketchers (or some similar name) page to help organise our outings πŸ™‚

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  1. I’d also love to join but it’s a heck of a long flight! Another super work – I especially noticed the skilful and subtle darkening of the pink colour as the fence turned into (a Festival?) entrance point. Excellent signage too.


  2. Thanks windinmywheels, yes I’m sorry it is rather a long way to pop over for a morning! Well spotted… I did darken the fence as it steered the punters into the venue. Hope you’re keeping warm over there πŸ™‚


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