Sub Station Hay Street Subiaco

20160117 Subi Sub Station

An little electricity Sub Station hidden away on Hay Street Subiaco. It looks rather derelict with long grass in the front yard and the old power points on the front of the building are long redundant (power lines are all underground in this area). There are still warning signs stuck to the door….It now a heritage listed building built in 1923 when Subiaco’s own power station (on Axon St) was closed because it couldn’t keep up with demand as the city grew rapidly. So this one roomed sub-station was created to convert the high voltage power now bought from the East Perth Power Station (link here to earlier sketch to lower voltage for the residents. This building is still in use today!

20160117 Subi Sub Station photoThis was drawn with a new pen….a Pilot Parallel fountain pen that I’ve been trialing for the last couple of weeks, these pens are made in a range of nib widths, I chose the 2.4mm size (from T. Sharp and Co in Perth city center – corner of Barrack and Hay streets). I used up the ink in the cartridge pretty quickly but have refilled it several times with my favourite De Atramentis document black ink and it works perfectly.


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