Dingo Flour

Cycling back from Fremantle I stopped by the iconic (and heritage listed) Dingo Flour building, owned by Great Southern Roller Flour Mills Ltd. I sketched the same view almost exactly 5 years ago (25 June 2015) when the silos were still standing to the left of the main shed and it was rather rusty then (renovated in 2016 – new corrugated panels and repaint). 20200621_154648

Fremantle after lockdown

Fremantle slowly opening up again after the COVID-19 lockdown. The Fremantle Markets still aren’t open yet (probably too hard to control people numbers and social distancing inside) but cafes and shops opening again. Lots of people about on a beautiful sunny winter’s day (plus the usual cars/utes/motorbikes rumbling up and down the terrace…poseurs!). Quick and rough sketch of Gino’s cafe plus the back lane (Essex Lane).20200621_11455520200621_154059

Quick sketches and slow sketches

The page on the left are very quick sketches of a seagull which was constantly moving…wary of me but kept approaching hoping for food. Mostly drawn directly with ink (De Atramentis document black) as a blind contour, then the grey wash is painted on with a Pentel Aquash (Water Brush) filled with water and a few drops of black ink to produce a grey tone (can build up in layers of grey if needed as the ink dries). Beak and legs drawn with a red watercolour pencil (Faber Castell) the colour softened and blended with a water brush in places…creates rather “wonky” but dynamic sketch…

Right side of page is a slow sketch…trying to get the shape of the boat on the water, shadows, reflections, drape of the sail cover and rigging…creates a more precise but static sketch…20200608_114043

South Fremantle Power Station

The abandoned Fremantle Power Station, in North Coogee, I sketched this ruined building in November 2015 and have returned again to have another crack at it, this time an autumn day when it wasn’t so scorching hot. Opened in 1954 and closed in 1985 it has been empty and unloved for the last 35 years. Now surrounded by new apartments and luxury homes it looms as a ghost from the past on the horizon. My sketch squashed the long building onto a small rectangular page but that’s how this building felt to me,  looking up at the solid concrete structure with the dark empty window frames (most glass is missing, just the odd one high up that remains intact).