Perth Royal Show 2015

20150929 Perth Royal ShowOnly a quick couple of sketches at the Perth Royal Show…I hoped to draw alot more but as expected got caught up in seeing as much as possible …It’s a really big show.

We always go to check out the chickens…very noisy barn with roosters showing off and hens clucking. Such a variety of birds…different breeds of hen, turkey, fowl, duck, game, pigeon and others.

Other favourite in the show is the “wood-chop” – strong men competing to fell or chop a tree trunk with razor sharp axes….it really is impressive but hard to sketch as they swing the big axes so quickly.


Penquin Island

20150528 Penquin Island Penguin20150528 Penquin Island Pelican


A school trip to Penquin Island near Rockingham, lots to see (too many children to keep an eye on to be able to fully sketch) but the penquins were really cute. The Pelicans were enormous and took a long run up to get off the ground into the sky, the sea-lions hardly moved apart from occasionally rolling over. Also saw eagles, osprey and of course seagulls….lots and lots of seagulls nesting….very noisy and messy!