Forrest Place, Perth

20160730  Forrest Place Commonwealth Bank20160730 Forrest Place Photo

The Urban Sketchers Perth met this morning in Forrest Place, Perth to draw the heart of the city. I chose to sketch a section of the Commonwealth of Australia Bank building. This is a very solid, imposing 6 storey building made from stone quarried from nearby Greenmount. Erected during the great depression as a means of creating jobs for desperate people it took 3 years to complete, opening in 1933. Built in the “Beaux -Arts” style that was popular at the time (same style as the Commonwealth bank in Martin Place in Sydney) the next door General Post Office is similarly imposing. The new bank was fitted with all the latest features…. a night safe, ‘a new feature of banking practice in Perth’ safety designs included an automatic fire alarm, multiple locks on doors and the door to the safe deposit was, ‘constructed to resist all known methods of attack. (Heritage Perth website)

20160730  Forrest Place Water Play 20160730 Forrest Place USkPerth Group sketches

The other pictures above are a quick sketch of some children playing in the water fountains in Forrest Place….the water pops up in random lines forming a wall of water. The pattern of water continually moves and the kids have a great time running through and getting soaked (adults too) even in winter.

Also the collection of sketches from everyone this morning (9 of us)


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