Perth City Farm

20160423 Perth City Farm Colour Fix 920160423 Perth City Farm Colour Fix 0

Perth City Farm this morning. This is a community garden next to the main Midland to Perth train line (formerly scrap metal yard and battery recycling plant). The farm was started in 1994 so it’s quite well established now. A smallish garden area was packed with very green and well watered plants (there were bananas and passion fruit growing next to my sketching spot). Organic and Biodynamic fruit, veg, dairy, eggs (free range chickens on site) and honey is sold here every Saturday morning together with other health foods, clothing and body care products. There is a lovely cafe here too.

Two versions of the same sketch drawn on location but photo edited after. The weird and wonderful object in the sketch is a bell made from all sorts of pieces of metal welded together, somewhat rusty in places. The right hand picture is the original as I coloured it with watercolour paints, but the moment that I put the green paint on for the trees…. I wished I had stopped and kept it much simpler. So I’ve made some changes in Photoshop (Elements 8) to remove the green and push it to a more neutral grey background.



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