Fremantle Festival 2016

20160328 amanoAmano Circe Freo Festival

A bike ride to Fremantle today. This is a super quick sketch of a duo called “ManoAmano- circo” from Argentina performing their act called “Kinematos” on the Esplanade as part of the Fremantle Festival this Easter weekend. (Freo was very busy on Easter Monday ….don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people there). They were really good with the act centered around a pole tethered to the ground….part clown, part death defying acrobatics. My sketch is really, really rough (fountain pen and multi-coloured ball point pen)…there were lots of people watching so it was hard to get a good vantage point and the pair (Ana and Martin) moved around a lot…. so to isolate one part of the act was tricky for me…. to draw so quickly…. At the end I asked if they would sign the sketch… which you can see on the right….a lovely afternoon….now to cycle home again….


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