Wolf Lane, Perth

20160320 Wolf Lane Bins

Different views of Wolf Lane (off King Street in central Perth)  this morning with the Perth Sketchers. Two very different takes on the lane-way which has been revamped by the city with cafes and lots of really interesting large scale murals/graffiti.

20160320 Wolf Lane WayThe the picture on the left was sketched first and took about an hour, I wasn’t too happy with the end result….it’s a bit overworked and lacks a focal point. I think it would’ve been better to focus more on the two chairs and push the lane-way into the back ground.

The second sketch is the row of bins all filled up with overflowing bags after a big weekend….this one only took 20 minutes (1/3 the time of the first sketch) and is much fresher and more spontaneous. The old adage that “less is more” seems to work in this case….some times the most mundane items can be the most interesting.

20160320 Wolf Lane Bins Photo


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