5 Day Sketch Challenge

I’ve had a request to meet the 5 day sketch challenge from fellow local sketcher Evelyn Bach….the idea is to post a sketch a day for 5 days (sketches don’t have to be recent…..just have to post every day on facebook). Given that I’m pretty busy right now I’m not sure I can do every day but I’ll start here with day one and see how I go….. These sketches (apart from the upper left) are drawn this evening from the TV…. watching a doco (Aussie slang for documentary) called “Rain in a dry land” about a Somali family of refugees who are relocated to the US and the struggles they face in adapting to the language and cultural changes of a new and different country. I just pressed the “freeze” button on the control for 5-10 minutes to quite quick sketches with water-soluble ink in a Lamy fountain pen then washed over some water colour paint….Perelene Maroon, Burnt Sienna, Cobalt Blue and Ultramarine Blue (plus a little Hansa Yellow medium in one picture).

20160319 TV Sketches


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