Shafto Lane, Perth

20160220 Shafto Lane20160220 Shafto Lane Blue Sky

Two versions of the same sketch…. the one on the left all hand drawn on site (details below)..the one on the right has digitally added sky (photoshop elements) as I couldn’t decide whether or not to paint the sky blue at the time! I think I prefer the blue sky version…. feels warmer and more intense and the “clean” dense blue would be near impossible to create with watercolour and a small brush out on location.

Shafto Lane in Perth this morning with the Perth Sketchers. Eight of us gathered in the narrow pedestrian lane-way that runs between Murray and Hay streets in the centre of Perth. This is a view of the South end of “Durty Nellies” Irish pub. I liked the metal chimney/vent and the flower boxes in front of a rather industrial breeze-block wall. The lane-way was lovely and quiet…very few cafes open early as they’re all open late. Plus we had benches and tables to sit at under shady trees and umbrellas with a water-fountain trickling in the background …. very peaceful!


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