Perth Zoo

20160218 Perth Zoo Lion 20160218 Perth Zoo Baboons

Visited Perth Zoo this morning…. I’ve been to the Zoo many times in the past but always with children in tow so this was a very different experience to be on my own…able to sketch at will with out having to think about anyone else! It can take a while to create a sketch from a live animal as you often have to wait for some time for the animals to come back into view as they pace up and down or round and round behind bushes or rocks. It is of course so much quicker to take a photo…. but I did find my self noticing small details as I was sketching that I know I wouldn’t have seen if just taking a quick snap…..The knobbly shape of the tortioses shell and the way it’s legs creased as it walked…. The matching stripes of the Zebra and how their tails seemed to swing in time together (plus at Perth Zoo the Zebra are not black and white…more a black and dirty yellow…maybe from rolling in the ochre coloured dirt). The elephant was a real challenge as he was quite far away and kept turning around. But it was lots of fun to try to capture the real live animals.

20160218 Perth Zoo Tortoise 20160218 Perth Zoo Zebra20160218 Perth Zoo BobTail

I spent about 3 hours in total wandering around sketching, mainly the larger animals that stayed still (usually the sleepy ones around midday)….the monkeys and smaller animals really move around a lot.


4 thoughts on “Perth Zoo

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment Chloe, it’s very true – every animal does have its own personality – the way it moves and surveys it’s surroundings…the Zoo guides told me all about the lions (there’s 3 of them, 2 male and 1 female) and how they interact together – apparently the female is the boss…quite fascinating 🙂

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