Swan Bells

20160202 Bell TowerThe Swan Bell tower down by Barrack Street jetty this morning. An impromptu sketching session with a couple of fellow artist friends proved to be very productive. The bell tower houses a set of 18 bells of which 12 are English royal bells (apparently the only ones outside the UK) from St Martin in the Fields that were given to the state as part of the bicentennial celebrations in 1988. The actual bell tower was specially built to house the bells as there was nowhere else in the city suitable. Opening in 2000 it cost $5.5m to build.
20160202 Elizabeth Quay Bridge

This is the bridge across the new Elizabeth Quay which opens into the Swan river. The quay has cost $440m to create and will take an anticipated 15-20 more years for all the apartments, offices, hotels, restaurants and cafes to be fully built and operational. The current “bust” in the mining industry may cause changes and to the plans.

20160202 Perth SkylineThe Perth skyline is quite attractive from the quay side (my quick sketch doesn’t do it justice) and the whole area feels open and light.

There is so much to sketch here I tried to do it all….in only 90 minutes. We will return and scribble some more.



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