Coffee for one

20160114Lady in a red t-shirt enjoying coffee after her shopping at Floreat Forum this morning.

Trying hard not to colour-in everything !


Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Watercolour pencils over ink drawing.


4 thoughts on “Coffee for one

  1. Absolutely love this one – your economic use of single fine lines is something I really must try to emulate. This is completely convincing – somewhere, someone we all know. Thank you for your recent encouraging comment. I’ve added a “Sketchbook” page to and will tentatively add to it 😃


    1. Thank you windinmywheels for your kind comments…I do enjoy drawing ordinary people in everyday situations…I sketched this from the other side of the cafe with my youngest child sitting next to me…. keeping up a running commentary on the drawing process with lots of questions and opinions on how it was going! I was going to show the sketch to the lady but she got up and left before I had finished…next time….

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