City Beach Bathing Belles

20151227 City Beach BathersBusy sketching day today….. a late trip to City Beach for a cooling dip….39’C today (it’s not as bad as it sounds….some like it hot). Lots of folk lolling about in the water and catching a few waves. A trip to the beach reminds me of the great variety of shapes and sizes of the human figure. No one looks like the figures shown in magazines, not many anyway…. those that do have “perfect” bodies don’t seem to actually get wet…. maybe too worried about their micro bathers riding up or perhaps their cozzy is so small jelly fish stings are more of a problem!

Lamy Safari EF nib, De Atramentis Document Black, Pentel waterbrush with Liquitex Acrylic ink, Watercolours: Raw Sienna, Winsor Yellow, Quin Burnt Scarlet, Winsor Red, Perylene Maroon, Permanent Rose, Cerulean, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Indigo. Pentel Waterbrush.


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