Christmas Day 2015 City Beach

20151225 City Beach DiggingsQuick gestural scribble of kids digging in the wet sand at City Beach today ….Christmas Day.

Lots of people at the beach…. mainly tourists, new and first generation Australians… those who don’t have family commitments or for whom going to the beach on Christmas day is still a novelty (Manchester forecast for today top of 12’C and rain). We arrived around midday and plenty of families had a full party set up with deck chairs, gazebos, table cloth covered camping tables laden with festive foods. Stubbie holders in many hands (neoprene bottle or can holder to keep the contents cold and the owners hand warm). Lots of red and white “santa” hats. The sea breeze was blowing quite hard and whipped up some large waves….not so much swim as dive through the waves and throw yourself into the surf…good fun. Even better…. all the jellyfish seem to have disappeared from a couple of days ago.

Merry Christmas where ever you are….mince pies on the beach or by a warm fire….enjoy the moment…..

As the late great Dave Allen always said…”may your god go with you”.


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