Fremantle Prison Courtyard

20151130 Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison courtyard this morning, this is a world heritage listed Australian convict site….a very solid looking and imposing building built by convict labour from 1851 to 1859 using local materials…tons of limestone blocks. It was in continuous use for 130 years until 1991 when replaced a new facility partly as a result of a major riot and fire caused by the unhappy inmates. The sketch is drawn from just inside the main gatehouse with the clock above the gateway which chimes every hour. The weathered limestone wall is a lovely mix of white, yellow ochre, burnt sienna and indigo. The doorway I think leads to offices, the main entrance is to the left.

Jonathon’s excellent painting is also shown in the right hand picture below.

20151130 Fremantle Courtyard20151130 Fremantle Prison Courtyard main


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