South Fremantle Power Station (disused) – Coogee

20151123 Coogee Power StationA quick visit to the abandoned South Fremantle Power Station today, a real quick sketch done at midday in the full sun, sitting on top of the sand dunes. This power station was built just after the second world war and constructed on North Coogee beach where it had its own seawater ponds for cooling the coal fired generator (there were originally four chimney stacks). It was decommissioned in 1985 and is heritage listed with various plans spruiked over the years to convert it to real-estate or commercial use but so far nothing has happened…it’s slowly deteriorating in the salty air. The building is fenced off and considered unsafe (asbestos and missing floors) although there’s lots of graffiti on the exterior walls and apparently a vast amount of paint on the inside walls. All the massive banks of windows appear to be devoid of glass. It’s a very striking building with strong lines and the huge windows appear to be several stories tall letting a lot of light inside (you can see right through the building from one end to the other from near the car park.)

20151123 Coogee


Painted perched on top of the sand dunes at North Coogee beach, Mc Taggart Cove road, midday sun. (Usual painting equipment)


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