At the Orthodontist

20151105 OrthodontistMy son had braces put on his teeth today… a momentous occasion…which will stay on for the next 18 months maybe 2 years if all goes according to plan. I tried to capture the look of concentration of the orthodontist whilst the gluing of brackets and fitting of wires was taking place.

Lamy Safari EF with De Atramentis Archive Black ink, watercolours added later with Pentel waterbrush.


8 thoughts on “At the Orthodontist

  1. This is great, full of focus and intensity. And it’s a big day worth recording (if only for all the subsequent discomfort and orthodontist trips to follow). We’re going to go through the same thing early next year…your picture might just give me the impetus to take my sketchbook along! 🙂


    1. Thanks Rebecca, you’re right… this is a big deal for a kid, thankfully there are quite a few at school who have braces so he’s now part of a “special” club who share their story and helpful tips, hopefully he can go the distance and see the reward at the end.
      Yes it might seem a little crazy sketching in the dentist room but the more “out there” sketching you do the less daft it feels… go for it! (Adult colouring books are all the rage apparently so “public sketching” may one day be perfectly normal!)

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      1. Haha! I like your view on public sketching. Tell your boy to hang in there – even now I wish I’d had good orthodontic treatment as a teen. I think in my son’s class you are considered the oddity if you don’t have braces fitted. How things have changed…


    1. Thanks windinmywheels, drawing like poetry is worth the struggle…your choice of poetry and life comments are very insightful, our seasons are opposites but life challenges are much the same, I will read more of your blog. Do you really have a Brompton – I am a keen cyclist as well (see the world at a more natural pace, don’t pollute the environment, save ones physical/mental self, plus easy free parking at the destination – there’s always a lamp-post about!) If my current trusty steed ever has to be retired I would be very tempted to go for an iconic “brommy”.

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      1. Hi sketchbookblue – and thanks very much. I love cycling for all the reasons you mention but, slightly shamefacedly perhaps, have to to tell you that I don’t own a Brompton, though secretly would love to. When in London (or Paris) I use a public, pavement rentable “Boris bike”. Around home for the last couple of years, wait for it, an eBike! They’re brilliant and keep me on the road frequently (at around 16mph). The icons are important in our lives though aren’t they? I also yearn for a red Vespa scooter!

        Keep drawing. I shall watch out for your posts with interest and admiration whilst struggling to emulate them. Your style and the character that comes across in this sketch/drawing/painting is something I’ll try. I loved a “pen and wash” tutorial day I attended last summer. I hope your son is cheerful now after what will have been a trying day for him. Thanks again.


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