Fremantle E Shed Markets

Caught the train to Freo this morning to catch up with painting friends next to the “E” shed markets. After a false start (tried sketching on “proper” watercolour paper with pencil and made a really rubbish drawing) I swapped to my sketchbook and drew directly in ink the “A” shed below. I have no idea what’s inside the “A” shed – apart from a some warning signs (no parking, Fire Extinguisher etc) there was no indication of who or what is inside. Anyway it has a lovely curve to the building as the row of doors and windows veers towards the Maritime Museum.

20151019 Freo A Sheds20151019 Freo A sheds photo

20151019 Freo No 16Next up a quick sketch of one of the cast iron bollards fixed to the wharf-side, this one is number “16” (they’re all numbered consecutively along the wharf) it was rather rusty but looked immovable – just as well – the tall ship STS Leeuwin 2 was attached to it with a yellow and black stripey hawser.

20151019 Freo Ports Building 20151019 Freo Port Building photoFinally… a really rapid sketch of the “Fremantle Ports” authority building – a rather attractive 1960’s office block in white and blue complete with observation tower on the top, bristling with antenna and radar.

Lamy Safari fountain pen, extra fine nib with De Atramentis black Archive ink, various watercolours, Pentel waterbrush, home made sketch book and Arches 300gsm rough watercolour paper, white gel pen.


5 thoughts on “Fremantle E Shed Markets

  1. Nice Sketches. I’m a noob at sketching buildings and my perspective comes out all screwy.

    I’d love a post on your process for doing these sketches of architecture or any practical advice you have.


    1. Thanks for your comments. For tricky perspectives I sometimes draw a few pencil guide-lines eg horizon line and vanishing point lines and then squint at the scene to try to break it down into basic shapes/angles. You could also take a quick photo on your phone and convert it to black and white and posterise it (this again breaks a scene down to basic shapes – quite abstract). A couple of urban sketchers blogs that I have viewed recently are Liz Steel who is a trained architect and does online courses (don’t know what they’re like) also Marc Taro Holms and Alphonso Dunn have some great sketch techniques.
      Having said all that, there is often something quite lovely about strange perspective lines that really add to a sketch…..give it at go….


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