#Inktober2015 ….days 2,3 and 4!

This is a catch up post… a dump of the drawings for the last few days…. I find time to draw but not to upload on the the computer…20151002 Money Plant


This is a pot plant on my veranda, I think it’s called a “Money Tree”….it’s some kid of succulent (was given to me by a neighbour who moved house)20151003 BrewHa.




This is my coffee and someone reading the papers in my local coffee shop yesterday….I’m quite pleased with these pictures, not because they are especially “artistic” but because I actually added watercolour in the cafe…I usually draw on site then paint later at home.


These last two pictures are drawn from the newspaper, I really liked the expression and colours of the face. The other picture is all about the hands, it’s drawn with a reed pen that I cut from a stick of garden bamboo….using “sumi” ink (similar to India Ink) that produces lovely dense black lines. I found the reed pen produces more variety of expressive lines…but it is more messy and permanent if if lands on anything other than the paper! 20151003 Newspaper Face 20151004 Hands


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