Herdsman Lake Paper Gum

20150918 Herdsman Paper GumTwo sketches of the same scene…. the first more colourful done on location at Herdsman Lake next to the wildlife centre. It was sketched from inside the car as I’d forgotten my sun hat. The foreground tree (paperbark gum complete with peeling bark) was the main attraction, everything else an afterthought….but I felt the tree was overworked. So I had another go next day working from memory and the earlier sketch (helps that it’s on the same page). This time the tree is much fresher and I decided not to give any colour to the background (paynes grey)….it half works but the background tree was perhaps drawn with too much detail so now distracts away from the colour tree. Ah well…..another lesson learnt.

Lamy Safari, De Atramentis Archive Ink black, Watercolours burnt sienna, raw sienna, cobalt blue, winsor yellow, paynes grey, Pentel waterbrushes


Neil McDougall Park, Como – Flora

20150914 Neil McDougall Park Flowers┬áThese are “Cosmo” flowers growing in part of the community veggie garden at Neil McDougall park. They are native to Mexico but have been planted widely across Australia as they are so pretty and easy to grow.



20150914 Neil McDougall Park Silver Beet




This is silver beet growing in a large polystyrene container with the words “Sea Harvest – produce of Seychelles” printed on the side….maybe that’s why the plants are growing so green and healthy.

Lamy Safari, EF nib, De Atramentis Archive Ink, various watercolours with waterbrushes.

20150914 Neil McDougall Park Gum Tree


Finally, a simple pen sketch of a very old and impressively knobbly gum tree with peeling bark hanging off its branches.




Sailor Fude Fountain Pen, De -Atramentis Archive Ink Black

Tom Collins House Swanbourne

20150910 Tom Collins House

Tom Collins house in Swanbourne this morning with the Plein Air Painting group. This is the historical home (built 1907) of Australian author Joseph Furphy – better known as “Tom Collins” and now of the WA branch of the Fellowship of Australian Writers. It’s a classical Australian weatherboard cottage set amongst native trees (Kookaburras laughing) next to Allen Park. I got about an hour to sketch and paint before a cold front arrived with a solid rain….Raindrop splashes in the foreground as I tried to keep painting.

Homemade sketchbook 225gsm heavy weight cartridge paper, Lamy safari with De Atramentis Archive ink black, various watercolours, Pentel and Kuretake waterbrushes. No pencil layout for this drawing….I thought the rain might arrive quickly so jumped in directly with ink.

Run Down House

20150908 Old House 1 20150908 Rundown house

Two versions of the same drawing… a rather rundown house with rusty roof and rotting gutters, probably once upon a time quite a grand house. The first picture is just drawn with ink (Mont Blanc Toffee Brown, Lamy Safari Fine nib). The second picture is after I washed some of the ink with water in a waterbrush (no watercolours). The washed ink is much warmer and softer that the original ink sketch.

Sailor Fude Pen – The Big Bearded Barista

20150908 Bearded BaristaQuick sketches of people in the cafe, a guy reading the paper, a lady looking wistful (I drew her forehead wrong), the barista had a very impressive big beard…..Using the Sailor Fude pen again….I have a love/hate relationship with this pen. Great to be able to produce such a variety of lines with the one pen….super-fine lines when the nib used upside down, very wide fat lines when laid on it’s 55′ angle. But to get a “normal”weight line I have to hold the pen differently to my usual drawing position…. more upright which just feels strange. I probably just need more practice….”a bad workman blames his/her tools”!

Sailor Fude Fountain Pen 55′, De Atramentis Archive Ink