Neil McDougall Park, Como – Flora

20150914 Neil McDougall Park Flowers These are “Cosmo” flowers growing in part of the community veggie garden at Neil McDougall park. They are native to Mexico but have been planted widely across Australia as they are so pretty and easy to grow.



20150914 Neil McDougall Park Silver Beet




This is silver beet growing in a large polystyrene container with the words “Sea Harvest – produce of Seychelles” printed on the side….maybe that’s why the plants are growing so green and healthy.

Lamy Safari, EF nib, De Atramentis Archive Ink, various watercolours with waterbrushes.

20150914 Neil McDougall Park Gum Tree


Finally, a simple pen sketch of a very old and impressively knobbly gum tree with peeling bark hanging off its branches.




Sailor Fude Fountain Pen, De -Atramentis Archive Ink Black


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