Cygnet Cinema Como

20150827 Cygnet Cinema (1)20150827 Cygnet Cinema on Location1

Down in Como this morning with the plein air painting group, outside the Cygnet Cinema on Preston Street, built in 1938 and originally named the “Como Theatre” it’s a great example of Art Deco styling with a nautical theme. An ocean liner ready to raise steam….port hole windows, tubular handrails and a curving bow at one end, all in a delicate shade of pink! I drew out the perspective lines in pencil first as it was a complex structure (the curve and the fact that the building is set on a hillside sloping down to the river). Inked over with De Atramentis waterproof black then having erased the pencil, I went for it with watercolour in my trusty Pentel waterbrushs (broad and fine). The pink colour was a particular challenge, especially as I’d parked myself on a street bench in full sunshine which dried paint on the palette very quickly.

20150827 Cygnet Cinema (2)20150827 Cygnet Cinema on Location2

This second drawing is a quick ink sketch from the other side of the building looking up the street. I really love the mural of Alfred Hitchcock painted on the side of the wall, I haven’t really captured his haughty look, and some perspective is rather “off”, but it was fun scribbling.


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