Basketball Practice

20150814 Basketball Practice Uncoloured

Kids basketball practice, I drew some of the kids with a fountain pen and intended to add watercolour to the sketch but I got chatting and then didn’t have time.

20150814 Basketball Practice So for a change I had a go at adding colour digitally in Photoshop (pen pressure brush, variety of opacity) to see how it would go. I think I have made the colours overly bright and maybe too opaque (hard to gauge on my screen).

20150814 Basketball Practice Watercolour

Finally I added real watercolour to the original sketch for comparison (it’s much more satisfying sweeping a real brush loaded with colour across an actual sheet of paper than using a scratchy graphics pen on a tablet)….but there is no drying time with the digital image….and the “delete / undo” button is very handy.

Lamy Safari Fine point fountain pen, De Atramentis black Archive ink, Quill 125gsm cover paper, Photoshop Elements, Intuos pen and touch tablet small, Pentel waterbrush broad size, watercolours: Cadmium yellow medium, Windsor Lemon, Burnt Sienna.


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