TV Heads

20150809 TV Head 1

Cold, windy, wet and wintry outside…

A couple of “TV heads” drawing last night whilst half watching the box….pressed the “freeze” button to hold the image for a few minutes to scribble any interesting faces (did lots but these two seemed the most interesting). The top image is watersoluble ink in Lamy Safari pens (Montblanc Toffee Brown and a Blue/Black mix of Quink and Skrip inks) the shadows then pulled out with a waterbrush.

The lower image is painted more traditionally with waterproof De Atramentis black ink then washed over with watercolour (cobalt blue and Quin burnt scarlet). I like to mess around with the watersoluble inks but they can be harder to control…can’t lift out if (when) a mistake is made.

Trying hard to hang onto the white paper…. resist the urge to paint everything.

20150809 TV Head 2


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