Chooks with Sailor Fude Fountain Pen

20160619 Chooks Sailor Fude Pen20160619 Sailor Fude Fountain Pen Nib

These are our two chooks Emily and Chirp (Poppy is sadly no more)  who scratch around in a section of our backyard. They were really hard to draw as they never stop moving… I watched them for fifteen minutes hoping that they would settle down and be still but I think they only know me as the food provider – they always get excited when I approach expecting to be fed some kitchen scraps.

I did the drawing with my new toy…. a Sailor brand “Fude” fountain pen from Larry Post. It’s a fountain pen with a nib bent up at 55 degrees  which gives varying line widths depending on how far you tilt it from vertical position….It’s rather weird to draw with (it was created as a writing pen to mimic Japanese brush calligraphy).

Drawn on 125 gsm Quill brand cover paper


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