Cycle ride to Freo and back

20150530 Salt on the Beach Cafe 20150602 Under Freo Traffic Bridge


Bike ride to Cottesloe beach, down to Freo and back (round trip about 45km) which was a good day out – had beautiful weather (21’C and calm). Stopped at Salt on the Beach (North Freo) for Pizza and a drink then down to the E shed markets to see what was on offer there. Back along the south side of the river home. Only a few minutes to scribble to underneath of the Freo traffic bridge… it’s a cool shadowy place with dark green patch of water frequented by fishos hoping for a catch. The wooden boardwalk along the centre is somewhat uneven but quite solid and the huge beams holding up the deck are very impressive and reassuring to the touch. There’s talk of replacing this old bridge which dates back to 1939 and was supposed to be only in use for a few years….now 77 years old and counting!


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