De Atramentis Archive Ink

Eureka……Wonderful new discovery of a permanent waterproof ink – De Atramentis Archive ink (black). I was reading in Liz Steel’s blog that she uses the De Atramentis Archive ink for drawing under watercolour washes without ink bleeding. So after some googling I found that the Good Store in Vic Park carries this ink and bought a bottle to try ($25 for a 35ml bottle).

20150521 DeAtramentis Archive Ink

This is a very, very quick little sketch on heavy weight cartridge paper (Westart 225gsm) of some dried Banksia flowers I have in a vase at home. Drawn with the De Atramentis ink and let dry for a couple of minutes then washed over with permanent rose, perylene maroon and some dirty blue/green colour left on my palette with a waterbrush. Magic……no ink runs, no bleeding…. the ink is rock solid.

I have now swapped out the Montblanc ink in favour of the De Atramentis into one of my Lamy’s for when I need the ink to stay put. I do use an Extra Fine nib for this ink as I feel that it is quite wet but does seem to dry reasonable quickly.

I will still use my watersoluble inks for when I want to blend on the paper but it’s really good to finally have a waterproof ink for my fountain pen.


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