Sketching Kit

This is is my everyday carry sketchbook stuff….

20150519 My Watercolour Sketch Kit 20150519 Inside my Bag

My homemade Fauxdori of course….

A small metal folding watercolour box (Lukas brand although I didn’t like the paints that came with the set so have swapped out to a mixture of Winsor and Newton, Daniel Smith and Art Spectrum). I bought empty full and half pans and fill them with tube colour as necessary and the pans are held in place with blu-tack (this works surprisingly well, make sure the box and pans are clean then stick down strips of blu-tack to fit the base of the box and just push the pans down – they won’t fall out and if you want to swap colours they can be levered out and replaced)

Update…Colours in the box…..

Yellows: Winsor Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Quinacridone Gold

Reds: Permanent Rose, Winsor Red, Perylene Maroon, Quinacridone  Burnt Scarlet

Blues: Cerulean, Cobalt, Ultramarine

Other: Cadmium Orange, Neutral Grey

A wrist sweatband for cleaning my waterbrush (white band was not a great colour choice as it looks pretty messy quickly but they wash easily – I hand wash as I don’t want all my clothes multi-coloured).

Then in the pocket of my bag I have all my pens, pencils, waterbrushes, eraser and ruler……

Fountain Pens -Three Lamy pens, one with Extra Fine nib, two with Fine nibs. All with ink convertors and different inks…. Montblank Permanent Black (which is the most waterproof and least smudgy depending on the paper)….DeAtramentis Black/Brown ink which is water soluble to a lovely warm brownish red colour…. and my own mix of a Black/Blue with two parts Skrip Black to one part Quink Blue/Black which dilutes to a lovely bluish grey when wet.

Ball point pen – Uniball Jetstream 3 – Black, Blue and Red colours for highlighting in my diary

RollerBall type – Pilot Hi-Tech V5 black ink (watersoluble) and Uniball Eye Micro Black (waterproof pigment ink)

Gel Pen – Uniball Signo white gel pen (for those all too frequently lost highlights)

Pencils – Always mechanical or clutch – I don’t have the patience for sharpening and dislike shavings and graphite in my bag….. Pentel A120 mechanical pencil 0.7mm 2B leads and Steadtler Mars 780 2mm clutch pencil with 2B lead.

Eraser – Pentel Clic eraser 2….it’s shaped like a pen with a plastic sleeve cover, I don’t use it all that often

Waterbrushes – I wouldn’t be without my waterbrushes – a wonderful invention for quick outdoors sketching… I’ve tried several brands but my favourite is the Pentel waterbrush. I have three in my bag, two are filled with ordinary water in the broad and fine brush points. The third waterbrush is a fine point filled with Liquitex or Art Spectrum acrylic ink – this acts like a caligraphy brush and I use it for Notan style drawing/painting. I always make sure that my pens are upright in my bag so that there are no accidents.

Ruler – Small (15cm – 6″) metal ruler for when I just have to have a straight edge



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