20150518 Man

Introspective face

20150519 MasterMind

The “Master Mind”chair (black/blue ink – 2 parts Sheaffer Skrip black ink mixed with 1 part Quink Blue/Black ink). I really like this black/blue ink mixture, it looks really black when applied neat but melts to a lovely slate blue when washed over with clean water, similar to a paynes grey.

20150519 Red Bottle

A glorious red glass bottle and clear glass cups on a table in full sunshine at Fremantle Arts Centre cafe, I haven’t done justice to the beautiful ruby light that shone through that bottle… a moment in time…

20150519 Scribbles 1 20150519 Scribbles 2

What can I say?….Miscellaneous scribbles…. which is most of what I draw… what ever appears and appeals when I have time to pen to paper. Most of my drawings are on regular copy paper, I keep a stack attached to a clipboard and just scribble away, the paper isn’t great for watercolour – does tend to buckle but that helps me be more selective and economical with the colours. The scribble of a brickwork doorway uses blue/black and brown/black watersoluble inks in Lamy fountain pens then brushed over with clean water with a Pentel waterbrush…I rather like the effect. The large head is painted with acrylic ink in a fine point Pentel waterbrush…..quite a range of thick and thin strokes can be produced but require a delicate touch for the really fine lines.


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